Singing Ava

Happy Leap Day!!
February 29th, also known as Leap Day, has always been a day that held special importance and significance for me. Tonight, at the midnight hour, on this glorious, once-in-every-four-years holiday, I’m thrilled to announce that my album Singing Ava is available for listening on most streaming platforms. This album is both a love letter and tribute to a fabulous lady who has inspired me, Miss Ava Gardner. She was a down-to-earth gal who lived a wild, fast-paced, glamorous Hollywood life but never forgot her family or her hometown.
Singing Ava features songs Ava Gardner sang in her films, as well as other special tunes. On this album cover, I am wearing my Mother’s gown and pearls, and on the album itself, my Father accompanies me at the piano. This album represents the best of what Ava stood for and what I stand for in regards to honoring, including, and cherishing family.
Like Leap Day, Singing Ava is a strange enigma in so many ways. It catalogues the few songs of a naturally musically-inclined actress who was not always given a chance to sing, despite her love of music, musicians, and singers. I read that Ava’s dream as a teenager was to sing with a big band and perform on stage. Singing Ava tribute to that dream; a showcase of the overlooked musical talent of a Hollywood Star.
Happy Listening 💚💚