Happy 99th Birthday to Ms. Ava Gardner!!

Born in 1922 in Grabtown, North Carolina, Ava Gardner would have been 99 years young today! Reading and studying her life and career has been a great joy of mine over the last few years. I recently acquired this original photo from a movie she filmed when living in Spain called, ”The Angel Wore Red.“ It’s a moody film with an interesting, engaging plot. I enjoyed it immensely! Worth a watch if you haven’t discovered it yet.
The red glasses were also ones she personally owned and used in her daily life, and I am thrilled to say that they are now in my personal collection. I’ll happily use them today and make a toast in honor of her birthday! Lastly, yellow roses were her favorite flowers, and I can’t say I blame her. I love the bold, bright colors as well. Stunning!! 🍷🍷🎁🎁
Happy Birthday, Ava!! ❤❤💛💛