Dex Records!!

Good morning!! ☀️☀️🌞🌞
Funday Monday morning announcement that my debut album “Siren’s Song” is on the shelves at Dex Records in Long Beach, CA! This is a fun store, off the beaten path, full of hard-to-find, limited-edition releases as well as new releases from local bands and musicians! Record store aficionados should put it at the top of their list of record stores to visit (and soon!!). 🎧🎧🎶🎶

@DexRecords is located at:
3906 E Seventh Street
Long Beach, CA 90814

The new music video for my song “When Will We Learn” is premiering this Wednesday, July 14th. Featured on my debut album (which you can purchase at Dex Records), I feel this song contains an important and powerful message that people from all walks of life will be able to empathize with and understand on many levels. 🌹🌹🖤🖤

Looking forward to sharing more with y’all on Wednesday.
Stay tuned, Folks. Stay tuned…