Acclaim - Teaching

"Ms. Bookbinder provided vocal and piano lessons to my two daughters for a period of about two years. From the very beginning, I was struck by her professionalism, passion for music, extremely calm but firm demeanor when dealing with young children. The Bay Area is full of piano teachers (and I have experienced my fair share of them). A lot of them will teach your children how to press the keys in the right sequence so you can claim that your children are "learning the piano." Very few teachers will focus on technique, timing and understanding of the music in a way that will impart the student (child or adult) with a lifelong skill and passion for music that comes from a true comprehension of the subject. Ms. Bookbinder is one such teacher. I would highly recommend her for vocal and piano lessons at all levels. Her passion for music is obvious and highly contagious."

- Harsh Vardhan, Fremont, CA (March 2016)


"I had the pleasure to work with Tatiana Bookbinder, who I believe is an incredible music teacher.  She was my piano instructor who worked with me for about a year. Tatiana was extremly encouraging and patient during all of our lessons. She always took notes on all her students and gave them feedback after each lesson, which I found very helpful. She was very organized and always made a great lesson plan for me. She would never mind explaining the material over again, as she understood, I had limited music reading experience. I would definitely recommend Ms.Tatiana Bookbinder to any student who is passionate to learn music."

- Sharon Torres, South San Francisco, CA (March 2016)



"When she first sat down to play, it was noticed that the name Peggy Seeger was autographed on the banjo. Then the penny dropped; this was no ordinary musician. With her banjo ready to go, Tatiana sprinkled her magic dust on the room. She was inspring, uplifting, and truly genuine. In the Irish home of bluegrass music she lit another candle. A candle of homecoming and welcome. Soon she sang in the language of her ancestors: Spanish. Emotionally beautiful, visually stunning. Through her banjo she plucked the heart strings of those lucky enough to listen. Tatiana Bookbinder soon put her name to the walls here. Kilkenny has had many musicians play over the years from Springsteen to Paul Simon. No doubt Tatiana is well on the road to following in their footsteps. Beautiful people deserve beautiful things."

- Michael Somers, Kilkenny, Ireland (March 2016)